Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to Install a Liner For Your Above Ground Pool

After the framework has been installed for your above ground pool, you have to also install a liner for it. The liner is used to keep the water in the pool and it also protects the framework of it.

There are two ways to have an above ground pool liner installed: either hire a professional installer or do it yourself. More people seem to opt for the latter, not only to save on installation costs, but also to get a feel of how to do the installation.

Depending on how your pool was built, you will either install an over lap liner or a beaded liner. This article will discuss both ways to do it.

Installing An Over Lap Liner

Lay the liner on a flat area near the pool. If there are large wrinkles, use your hands to smooth them out. The top coping rail that is around the pool should be taken off. You will have to set the liner to be placed inside the pool. You may need assistance with this.

The seams should line up with the walls' framework. Go around the entire pool to pull the liner edges over the edge of the pool. A small portion of the liner material should be left in the center.

Part of the coping that is covering the liner should be replaced. Make sure they are snug enough so that the liner won't slip. Place water in the pool and loose the coping. You should do this with so much coping at a time while the water pulls at the liner.

The sections of the coping should be reset around the circular portion of the pool. Allow the water to rise up to 6 inches. Make sure that the seams are evenly lined and the coping is secured at the top rail. Let the water run until it gets midway to the skimmer. As the water flows in the pool, make sure to smooth out additional wrinkles as a result.

Installing A Beaded Liner

Lay the liner on a flat area by the pool. If there are any large wrinkles, use your hands to smooth them out. The liner should be put inside of the pool. Take the edge that is beaded and connect it into the liner retainer. You can find the liner retainer on the top edge of the wall. Run water in the pool and as it's running, smooth out any wrinkles you find.

If you try to install this yourself and find yourself in a bind, you should contact your pool contractor so that they can provide you with assistance. They will be able to help you to install your above ground pool liner correctly.